Megan Isabella Davies

Welcome to my portfolio where I document my latest project work.

Wall Art Installation at Fromage

Wall Art Installation at Fromage

In May 2017 I was commissioned by Fromage, an artisan cheese & wine bar in Perth, to design and hand-paint a detailed botanical mural in the entrance to their cellar door. To complement the rich dark paint on the walls, I produced a concept for the mural with a botanical design reminiscent of the paintings from the Dutch Masters era, with a modern edge. 

We also included the brand's story, which talks about the old fable of the Fox and the Crow: The story goes that a crow was perched up on a branch, about to enjoy a piece of cheese, when a sly fox came and began to complement the crow's beautiful singing voice and coaxing her to sing. When the crow opened her mouth to let out a sound, the cheese drops and the fox swiftly steals the cheese. To this day, people still argue who was in the wrong! We loved the story and chose to incorporate the fox and the crow into the design. 

Conceptual Design + Installation. 

Installation: 4 days.

Materials: Acrylic, Indoor Paint, Molotow Paint Pens.

Custom Fabric Print for My Little Love Heart

Custom Fabric Print for My Little Love Heart