Eating Well When Life is Busy

When we are busy conquering our business endeavours, most of us are mindful that what we put in- is what we get out.


We know we must work really hard and remain focused and determined, which is awesome. Problem is, we might be putting too much of one thing in- work - and neglecting what fuels productivity and creativity in the first place: sleep, exercise and a nourishing diet.


Finding the time (and desire) to cook mid-week can seem a challenge, even for those who love food and usually enjoy cooking. After all, cooking is yet another way we can express our creativity.


If that sounds like you, then I have some great tips coming up. But before I do, I want to highlight something important here. Your health should be your Number 1 Priority. You already know this. I'll bet if someone was to ask you to list your top values or priorities, your health would be pretty high up there- so are you making choices in the moment that support this? None of your other commitments and passions can come first- and yes, that includes your relationships and your career because without your health, all of these other areas suffer. It's got to be number one lady- and not every once in a while, not next year when you are out of your 'current situation'. I mean every single day, starting now.


It doesn't have to be big! Just start. Every time you choose to tweak your routine or make a choice that feels good for you it is helping shape your future. It's not going to happen overnight, and I'm certainly no saint. I'm not into getting my caffeine hit by swapping my daily flat white for a coffee enema (yep- that's a thing). It's just being mindful of your priorities and making sure you are putting yourself first.


Here's my top 5 tips and tricks you might want to use to stay healthy during a busy patch:


1. Make Sunday your sacred day. I set aside Sundays as my prep-day. This has become non-negotiable and if I get invitations I usually turn them down because I just know that my weeks always work out the best when I have made this a priority. It usually starts with a coffee at a local cafe with my boyfriend, James, where I do a weekly meal plan and a shopping list before we go get the groceries. I aim to do a 'Sunday Cookup,' an idea I loved from Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar program. Something big like a soup, curry or stew is ideal because you can freeze it and get it out later in the week when your good intentions start to slip...


2. As soon as you get home from the grocery shopping, wash and cut your vegies. Especially if you know you are that person standing in front of the fridge on a Wednesday night, tired and hungry and thinking, "I know there's a giant broccoli in there I should be eating but I reeeally can't be bothered dealing with that." I tried something last Sunday that really worked for me. I made the effort to wash and dry all the vegies I'd bought as soon as I got in the door and cut them up into ready-to-go pieces that I can just toss in the pan in a flash. I keep them in tupperware and sandwich bags in the fridge or freezer. During the week, throwing together a meal seemed so much less of an effort and I ate a lot more greens. Nice one.


3. Log your food. It doesn't have to take long. There are plenty of apps out there that let you do this like myfitnesspal if you find it easier on your phone, or get a notepad or journal to track what you are eating. It's basic, but it works. It doesn't matter if you are high-fiving yourself for eating salad or avoiding putting down that block of choccy- the point is the accountability makes you more mindful of what you are putting in your mouth- even if you don't put it down on paper. If this has worked in the past- go back to basics and try it again. 


4. If you meditate, try a guided health-focused audio. If you don't meditate, start doing it. I get up at 6am and sit quiety for about 20 minutes every morning and this is the perfect time to start visualising your day as a healthy one. Set yourself up for success by starting the morning on a positive note and quiety saying to yourself, "today I will make healthy choices. Today I will nourish my body." 


5. Drink more water. Aim for those 8 glasses baby! Have a big bottle on your desk, have some herbal teas, use a pretty glass. Give yourself gold stars for every glass you drink if you have to. Just as long as you do it!


And now a little present to you. To help you get started, I'm sharing my printable meal planner with you for free! You can download it here.


Do you struggle with focusing on your health when you are focused on your work? What are some other tips you have found to help with finding this balance? Let me know in the comments below.


Megan Guise
Megan Guise


Owner of Megan Isabella Design. I make original art cushions for the kind of person who swoons over the set design on Mad Men.

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