Many of us have a pet hate when it comes to household chores... You know, the one that makes your eye twitch just thinking about it.

For me, it's always been the dishes. I hate(d) doing the dishes. When I've spent the last hour or more in the kitchen after a long day peeling chopping and sautéing a meal, the last thing I want to do is turn around and start a big ole pile of dirty dishes. I've got a full belly and the fatigue is setting in and all I want to do is flop on the couch and curl up with the cat. So then I've got two choices-face up to the obligation, or leave it to pile up and fester for the next day. (I've done the latter more times than I want to admit).


The thing I've come to know is this: hating the things you hate just makes you feel bad- feel worse, actually, than you really need to. Letting life's responsibilities make you feel bad on a regular basis is pointless. This is a concept I'm coming to grasp. I decided to experiment with this inevitable job to see if re-framing my experience does anything to make me feel like less of an asshole at the end of the day. 



This is what improved the experience of washing dishes:

I made it feel nicer.

There's actually a sensory pleasure about sticking your hands into some hot soapy water. Plus it can smell really good if there's a pleasant-smelling detergent or a scented candle involved. 

I listened to something entertaining.

It's a good opportunity to listen to a podcast or have a great playlist running in the background.

I got all mindful about it.

Remembering the rewards of the action might help. Cleaning things appeals to my slightly OCD tendencies, plus waking up in the morning to a clean kitchen is a better start to the day. 

I (preferred) to share it.

A problem shared is a problem halved. This doesn't always work (dishes is also my man's most undesirable chore). But when he does care to join me, it's actually a nice opportunity to connect, chat about our day and swap the goss with each other. 

I enjoyed a bevvie. 

Ok I'm not going to do this every night. But a glass of red once in a while makes any task better, right?

The result from this is experiment is that after a week I've found myself feeling less negative about doing it, which has overall improved my mood a notch. Good.

And if you already knew all this? Good for you... want to come do my dishes? 



Megan Guise
Megan Guise


Owner of Megan Isabella Design. I make original art cushions for the kind of person who swoons over the set design on Mad Men.

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