Channeling Mad Men: The 'Jet Set' Episode

I loved watching the AMC series Mad Men. The characters and story line were addictive, yes, but I also found myself swooning over the retro interiors- anything set in the mid century has me paying attention. From the walnut wood to the slate walls and fun, playful prints there's not much I don't love about the interiors of the 50's and 60's. 

My favourite was definitely the 'Jet Set' episode in which Don Draper visits a Palm Springs style home. This is rumoured to be shot on location at Frank Sinatra's famous 'Fox Residence' in Chatsworth which features wide open-plan rooms and impressive large windows that look out onto the pool. 

The Tropical Collection, with it's bright colours and tiki prints like the Banana Leaf print and the Hibiscus print would be a match made in heaven with these brilliant modular sofas and colourfully upholstered arm chairs. 

Megan Guise
Megan Guise


Owner of Megan Isabella Design. I make original art cushions for the kind of person who swoons over the set design on Mad Men.

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