10 Perth Product-Based Businesses You Should Be Following on Instagram

10 Perth Based Businesses

Perth is growing at a rapid pace and I love being able to call it my home at this time of year.

We have amazing weather, the Fringe Festival is on and the City is bursting with arts & cultural events. Every where you look a new bar or cafe has popped up and business is thriving. 

Perth is also dominating online and small independent businesses are going for it. It’s an exciting time for us as a relatively new City. We are doing what we can with what we have and making it work. We may be the most isolated City in the world, but our artists, designers and entrepreneurs are embracing that and leveraging it to get ahead. 
We have some incredible indie businesses in Perth, and here are some ones to watch:


Laure Melia of The Yellow Tree Store

Laurie Melia is a talented artist who works primarily with ceramics. Her work is cheeky, playful and a little bit bizarre and her character design has some serious attitude. She sells her sculptures in her Yellow Tree store on Easy, most of which have a practical element to them and double as a jewellery holder or dish. My personal favourite are her bathing girls- I’m calling dibs on one of those!
Follow: @laurie_melia


The Paper Posy Perth

I recently discovered The Paper Posy and I am in love. The artist behind these beautiful paper sculptures is Jessica Richardson who, like me, is completely floral obsessed. She uses paper to create the most divine flowers and floral arrangements that are so realistic it’s hard to believe they aren’t! Recently featured in Hello May magazine, this is a business to watch.
Follow: @thepaperposy 


My Little Love Heart on Instagram
My Little Love Heart is a handmade baby label that makes adorable, unique bibs and accessories for little ones. Founder Luisa moved her from Colombia with her husband and daughter and in 2015 she officially invented her trademark Bandummy™, a bib with a fastening section to attach your baby’s dummy so they won’t drop it on the floor or lose it- brilliant! My Little Love Heart will be at the Perth Makers Market this Sunday the 7th of February, so if you are around make sure you check it out. I’ll be adding a few of these sets to my Baby Glory Box (yes... I have a glory box) #soclucky 
Follow: @mylittleloveheart


Deon Dane on Instagram
The Australian/American designed, minimalist watches from Deon Dane are so chic and effortlessly cool. With hints of copper, marble, black and white they can be worn everywhere all day long. Founded in Perth, this label has a sustainability focus and uses upcycled kangaroo leather straps- how cools is that! Kangaroo is very strong and durable, and aparently Kangaroos don’t produce methane in the same way that regular cattle does, meaning a dramatic reduction in their carbon footprint. This is a seriously stylish and cool Perth biz to watch, people. 
Follow: @deon_dan


Le Coco Archie on Instagram
Ok so now it’s getting obvious that I’m following a lot of baby brands. But I have a good excuse. The baby market is booming in a big way in Perth right now and Le Coco Archie is bang on trend with it’s baby play mats and rugs. Perth Mumma & Business Owner Lettie has named her brand after her two children and creates play mats that are so fashionable you will want to leave them on the floor long after baby starts walking. It's tummy time!
Follow: @lecocoarchie


Clean Slate
I love scented candles and these hand-poured, soy wax candles are THE BEST in town. Starting with a shop in the Myer concept building, Clean Slate now has it’s own shop in Fremantle. Also on offer are coffee scrubs, room & pillow sprays, soaps, cleansers, perfumes and facial serums. All are natural and all smell delicious. I’ve gone through a few of the coconut and lime candles and they are heaven scent.
Follow: @cleanslateskincare


camtan woodworx
Perth blokes Cameron and Tristan made wonderful wooden homewares. Hexagon wall mounted shelves, swiss cross drink coasters, little swedish houses and bespoke furniture. If you want something made out of wood, these are your guys. 
Follow: @camtan_woodworx


Kate Jarman
Another fellow nature lover, Kate Jarman is a Perth based Mum and artist whose work is filled with bright pastel and colourful hues, succulent plants and Australian birds. Her paintings are beautiful and look fantastic set into a floating wooden frame. My personal favourites are her cactus designs- I can’t get enough of the colour palettes she uses. Kate does commissions so if you are looking for some art to brighten up your home then you need to follow this page already.
Follow: @_katejarman_


Mokoh Design
Perth has some pretty great landmarks (think Dingo Flour) and Moko Design have captured our loved and treasured places and scenery in their Australian themed home wares, gifts and stationery. The wares are all designed and made locally and are so much fun. My personal favourite is the map of Perth print and the Australian wildflower series (of course). 
Follow: @mokohdesign 


Brons Ceramics
Bronwen Holding is a ceramicist who makes delicate ceramic flowers mounted on wire. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and the level of detail and precision in her work is truly special. You can see some of her designs stocked in @theartisanstore in Fremantle. They are the perfect piece to display in test tube vases. This is a truly unique product you won’t see anywhere else. 
Follow: @bronsceramics

And of course, yours truly! If you aren't following me yet, you can find me @meganisabelladesign 

Megan Isabella on Instagram

There are so many more amazing Perth businesses to support, so next time you are going to treat yo self or need to buy a present for a family or friend, use it as an opportunity to shop local. 


Megan Guise
Megan Guise


Owner of Megan Isabella Design. I make original art cushions for the kind of person who swoons over the set design on Mad Men.

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